Re-Elect Daniel Hansen - District 12 St. Croix County Board Supervisor
We simply can't afford to go backward. Find out how Dan Hansen is fighting for a St. Croix County that works for everyone.

issues that matter to St. Croix county

We must protect our ground and surface water.


Today, 20% of the private wells in St. Croix County are contaminated with nitrates.

The Land and Water Comprehensive Plan is now being updated, and will include measures recommended to the County Board by the Ground and Surface Water Quality Study Group.

It is imperative that these measures be put into action.

Among the first steps will be to measure pollutants in the ground water and identify where the recharge comes from.

My goal is to protect ground and surface water so that people of St. Croix County have clean, safe drinking water. To do this, we must know who the polluters are, hold them accountable, help them learn better ways, and give them incentives to implement best practice methods.