Re-Elect Daniel Hansen - District 12 St. Croix County Board Supervisor
We simply can't afford to go backward. Find out how Dan Hansen is fighting for a St. Croix County that works for everyone.


We must deliver rapid 911 emergency response.


Communications are critical in emergency situations. In 2012, St. Croix County 911 operated using an obsolete radio dispatch system that used discontinued parts, which were no longer available by the manufacturer. With only 6 radio towers, Sheriff's Deputies, Police, EMS, and Fire and Rescue Departments would pass through dead zones in many parts of the County.

Lives that depend on those services could not be protected adequately because of dropped and near-dropped calls.
In 2012, your County Board took a conservative approach; it ignored the facts and chose not to fund the system-wide renovation of this critical communications system.
In 2014, a more responsible team of Supervisors were elected to the Board, and most are still there today. This new board chose to invest in the 911 infrastructure project, despite some Supervisors who crowed that the investment in infrastructure was not needed.

The 8.2 million dollar 911 infrastructure investment enabled us to install 13 radio towers that utilize the newest technology. This means your first responders are able to serve and protect you and the greater St. Croix County community without the dropped calls between citizens and dispatch, and between dispatch and emergency responders, which could threaten your health and safety.